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Our Church Safety & The Coronavirus

FBCR Reopening Plan: Beginning June 7th

Worship Service only at 11:00 am.

Doors open at 10:30 am.


What to expect when you arrive...

Reopening the church for worship is an ongoing process. Week 1 will look different than week 2 or 3. It's a work in progress to determine what best fits the safety of our congregation.

Enter the church through the North double doors.

1. Key measures to protect the church family:

a. Hand sanitizers and dispensers available throughout the church.

b. Masks and gloves are available for use. (personal choice)

c. Sanctuary arranged to encourage social distancing.

d. Families may sit next to each other, however, 3 chairs (6ft) must be between the family and the next person or persons.

e. Traditional welcome/meet and greet that requires physical touch is discouraged.

f. After service, leave by section. No large gatherings in common areas before or after.

g. Disinfection procedures are in place after each service/meeting.

2. Other safety considerations:

a. Singing allowed during worship service.

b. How do we take the offering? Offering boxes will be placed at each door of the sanctuary.

c. How do we conduct the invitation? Pastor will meet with individuals after service.

d. Doors will be propped open during service to minimize number of touches by people.

e. Bulletins will be placed on each chair in the worship center.

f. Door greeters will remain (6) feet from doors and welcome people from a distance.

g. The physical handling of tithes and offerings? Gloves worn by ushers and money handlers.

h. Record morning services for one's who are concerned about getting out or are unable to attend.

3. Things to evaluate by June 30th:

a. Small groups - Adult, Youth, Preteen, Kids, Nursery.

b. Wednesday night ministries - Adult prayer groups, youth, preteen and children functions, dinners, van routes.

4. Technology: Upgrading equipment to reach as many as possible.



The Real Gospel

 Are churches really preaching the gospel? Do we really understand what the gospel is ourselves? How can we distinguish between what is Biblical and what is not? Only the real gospel can bring about eternal life and transformation.

We want to invite you to watch one of the most impactful films we have seen this year. Follow this link to the free viewing of the 40 minute version. It's an "eye opener."